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Steel Pallet Rack | Steel Pallet Racking

Steel Pallet Rack | Steel Pallet Racking

Pallet Rack Frames

Regular Duty & Heavy Duty Pallet Rack Uprights

All Pallet Rack frames feature welded footplates, 2" on center beam adjustment, size availability to 48" wide and 192" high. Sahara or Blue-Gray are standard colors. Frame size should be chosen to allow a minimum pallet overhang of 2" front and 2" rear.

The Pallet Rack load capacity per frame is 26,000 LB. To preclude overturning, the frame depth x 6 cannot exceed the height of the topmost loaded beam pair, unless all the frames are properly anchored or braced externally.

Pallet Rack Wall Mount

Pallet Rack Wall Mount

The Pallet Rack Wall Mount Bracket, available in depths of 6", 8", 10" and 12", provides consistent spacing from frame to wall. Hardware pack includes bolts to secure the bracket to the frame.

This bracket is not recommended for use when local codes require seismic calculations.

Pallet Racking Decks

Pallet Rack Regular Duty Decks

Light, regular and heavy duty beam configurations available in 36" 991.44 cm), 48" (121.92 cm),, 60" (152.40 cm), 84" (213.36) 96" 243.84 cm), 108" (274.32), 120" (304.80 cm), 132" (335.28) and 144" (365.76 cm).  Decking available in unfinished 2" 95.08 cm) dimensional lumber, high density particle board, or wire grid.

- Deck load capacities up to 10,000 pounds on Heavy Duty Pallet Racking.
- Manufactured from heavy gauge high-tensile strength steel.

Heavy pallet racking solution when substantial weights or handling equipment precludes the use of wide span.

Pallet Rack Beams

Pallet Rack Beams & Supports

  Pallet Rack Beams are available in three heights for differing load capacities and feature choice of step depths to accommodate either 5/8" particle board decks or 2" dimensional lumber decking.

Beams are slotted in the step to accept the correct number of deck supports under decking.

 Regular Duty and Heavy Duty Pallet Racking

Pallet Rack Leveling Shims

Pallet Rack Leveling Shims

Available in 10 packs consisting of five 12 gauge and five 16 gauge shims for use in leveling pallet rack systems.

E System Sales, Inc. provides useful information affordable pricing, and online sales of regular duty and heavy duty Madix Pallet Racking for most all warehouse applications.

As the image shows above a pallet rack system of one or more pallet racks that contain two or more uprights to create what is known as a pallet rack system.  A pallet rack system aisle can be as long as need by adding pallet rack uprights and beams provided your warehouse has adequate space available. browse this website for all of the necessary components to create you new pallet rack system or call 800 619 9566 with your measurements and specs and we will accurately quote you on your pallet rack system needs.

Hypermaxi Rack System

Pallet Racking Picture

Pallet Rack Locking

Pallet Rack Locking

`Pallet racking integral locking beams and angle floor anchors maintain stability and reduce the chances of possible disengagement.

Pallet Rack Deck Supports

Deck Supports are formed heavy gauge steel with tabs which fit into beam slots, providing support for regular duty decking or to tie beams together to prevent rotation of beams where heavy duty decking is used.

Steel Pallet Racking Pricing

How to figure pallet rack pricing.  Lets figure you want an aisle of pallet racking 32' long X 8' High X 48" Deep to fit a normal sized pallet with regular duty pallet racking.  You will need 5 96' high pallet rack upright frames costing $99 each costing $495, next you will need 8 8' pallet rack beams costing $33 each costing $264, the entire section described above would cost $495 + $264 = $759, next you might want to consider some pallet rack shims and wall mount brackets.  For an exact quote call 800 619 9566.


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